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Welcome to Apollo Men’s Health! We are now serving Pearland, Lake Jackson, League City and surrounding areas. We offer premier hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, vitamin injections, IV infusions, body composition testing, and many other amazing products for men and women. Our clinic aims to provide our patients with efficient and cost-effective care.

Age-Related Testosterone Decline and Solutions at Apollo Men’s Health

Testosterone levels can decrease naturally due to your age or other health conditions. After the age of 40, men’s testosterone levels usually decrease at least 1% every year. Some symptoms of low testosterone, particularly erectile dysfunction, are commonly seen in men over 40. Low testosterone levels have often been observed in people with obesity, no matter their age. Thankfully, Apollo Men’s Health in Pearland (and now Lake Jackson) is here to help.

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What We Treat

Learn how low testosterone or estrogen goes beyond sex drive, including your muscle mass, bone density, energy levels, mood and more.

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Testosterone is essential for normal sexual development and function. Testosterone levels may decline with aging and in certain disease states. Screening and management of common conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypothyroid can help to address and reverse these symptoms. For a list of all services, please visit our services page. If you have any questions, please call

New Patients

During your first visit, a medical professional will review your medical history. For diagnosis, they will examine you using the latest medical techniques and up to date technologies. From there, the medical professional will explain any issues and help you choose options for treatment. For a shorter time in the waiting room, please complete the New Patient Form and email it to us before your visit.

Treatments & Therapy

What We Offer

We offer vitamin injection kits for self injection. Homekits are shipped to your home after a review of your medical history by our Physician. Every kit is a 30 day supply. 

Regular B-12

Our B-12 injection improves metabolism, increases energy, helps fight fatigue, increases moods, and helps with deeper sleep.


Contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, helps immune system, red blood cell production, combating stress and anxiety, promotes wound healing, and increases energy.


Glutathione is produced by the liver and involved in many body processes. It is involved in tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and in immune system.

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